NFPL Player of the Week - Edrick Padilla


Cadence SFC bagged their first win of the NFPL season in a 9-5 victory over Columbus Futsal in Matchweek 11. #2 Edrik Padilla from the Illinois futsal club made his presence known and was deadly in front of goal, securing two goals and an assist in both halves of play. As the game came to a close and Cadence SFC fought against the Columbus Futsal comeback attempt, it was a third goal from Padilla with four minutes to play that put the game out of reach. He would add his fourth with less than a minute left on the clock. 

Congratulations, Edrik! To many more. 

Padilla and Cadence SFC are back in action for Matchweek 12 with a crucial double-header. They travel up to Minnesota to take on Joy Athletic on Saturday before hosting Futsal Indy on Sunday in the National Futsal Premier League. Find the full game schedule here.