NFPL Matchweek 13 Preview


The National Futsal Premier League returns to the court for Matchweek 13 with 3 games! With playoffs right around the corner, every point matters. Get all the details here.

Columbus Futsal (H) VS. Futsal Factory Academy (A)

Futsal Factory Academy and Columbus Futsal meeting for the second and last time in the regular season on Saturday night in Columbus. The two clubs met last in Matchweek 6 that resulted in a 5-3 victory for Futsal Factory Academy. 

Columbus Futsal have improved steadily over the course of the season and may be finding more of their footing. A win at home in Matchweek 12 over Futsal Indy will have them feeling confident as the Michigan club visit on the back of a 2-game losing streak.


Columbus Futsal:
Yul Illidge
Victor Barbosa
Zak Boggs 

Futsal Factory Academy:
Robert Damron
Ahmed Zaky
Drew Ducker 


  •  Date: Saturday, April 2nd
  •  Time: 7:00 PM EST
  •  Location: Westwood Fieldhouse 
  •  Streaming: Columbus Futsal Facebook


Futsal Indy (H) VS. Cadence SFC (A)

The reverse fixture between Futsal Indy and Cadence SFC was less than a week ago in Matchweek 12, as the depleted visitors held on to an even game for about 20 minutes before Cadence swept them away. With a deeper bench and the home support behind them, this game will likely be much tougher for Cadence SFC and Futsal indy will hope to take advantage of an opportunity to leapfrog Cadence in the standings


Futsal Indy:
Dudu Oliviera
Dennis Sehic 

Cadence SFC:
Josue Pfrommer
Guilherme Nunes
Edrik Padilla


  •  Date: Saturday, April 2nd
  •  Time: 8:00PM EST
  •  Location: Irsay Family YMCA at CityWay 
  •  Streaming: Futsal Indy YouTube 
  •  TicketsAt The Door

Grand Rapids OLé (H) VS. CADENCE SFC (A)

Cadence SFC face the unenviable task of lining up against the league-leading Grand Rapids OLé next. A Matchweek 9 saw OLé run away with an 11-2 victory in Illinois. Having lost just once at home all season, the safe bet would be to expect Grand Rapids to secure another 3 points in this match, despite a recent run of quality performances for the young guns at Cadence SFC. 


Grand Rapids OLé:
Adrian Diaz
Jonathan Stout
Cole Russell

Cadence SFC:
Josue Pfrommer
Guilherme Nunes
Edrik Padilla


  •  Date: Sunday, April 3rd
  •  Time: 5:00PM EST
  •  Location: MSA Sports Spot 
  •  Streaming: Grand Rapids OLé
  •  TicketsAt The Door


Best of luck to all of the players and managers in Matchweek 13.

Follow along and stay tuned on the National Futsal Premier League social media channels for game updates and more! Catch the full standings and schedule here.

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