All NFPL Second Team

by Matt Aldrich


After our All NFPL First Team announcement just a few days ago, we're following it up with the All NFPL Second Team: more players that stood out and left their mark on the court in the 2021/22 NFPL Season. 

GOALKEEPER - Miguel Cervantes

No goalkeeper scored more goals or let in fewer goals than 21/22 NFPL Champion Miguel Cervantes of Grand Rapids OLé. Cervantes anchored the league's best defense this season, while nabbing an early Player of the Week Award for a standout performance between the sticks that included 3 goals and 1 assist.

FIXO - BEN Pritchard

Ben Pritchard was the young star of Michigan Futsal Factory Academy, a goalscoring fixo that put in a handful of brilliant performances toward the end of the season that ensured FFA held onto their home court advantage in the playoffs and secured a third-place finish in the regular season. Pritchard won a Player of the Week Award in Matchweek 14 for a 2-goal, 5-assist weekend. 

ALA - Jonathan Stout

Grand Rapids OLé ala Jonathan Stout joins the All NFPL Second Team for a consistent season terrorizing opposing defenses. Usually if the OLé winger scored one he was going to score another, recording multi-goal games in nearly every game he played in. His performances earned him a Player of the Week Award in Matchweek 5 and he was part of the January Team of the Month.

ALA - Diego Paulin

Diego Paulin made the starting lineup for NFPL runner-up Joy Athletic in every match he played in, scoring and assisting goals throughout the course of the season. His performances propelled Joy's steamrolling win streak in the regular season as he joined the March Team of the Month.

PIVO - Yul Illidge

There was perhaps no singular player that was as important to their team as Yul Illidge was to Columbus Futsal this season. He was the lifeblood of the Columbus attack, coming up with big goals, opening goals, game-tying goals, and game-winning goals at opportune moments throughout the season. His performances earned him a Player of the Week Award in his NFPL debut in Matchweek 3 and a double-nutmeg Goal of the Month Award in March, and helped propel Columbus beyond a poor start to the season and into the NFPL Semifinals. 

MANAGER - Ted Kroeten

Managing the All NFPL Second Team has to be Joy Athletic leader Ted Kroeten. Kroeten's team of young, hungry, energetic, and skilled futsal players from Minnesota were a revelation this season. Some of their highlights included a 9-game winning streak to end the regular season, being the only team to win in Grand Rapids over the champions in Matchweek 4, and a second-place finish in the NFPL Playoffs in their first season in the league.


Congratulations to all of the players and the manager on the All NFPL Second Team!