San Diego Voyagers - 2022/23 Season Preview



San Diego Voyagers Futsal is the fourth team to join the NFPL Southwest Division and make their league debut for the 2023 season!


Voyagers Futsal Club was founded in 2021 by team owned Victor Miramontes. Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Victor grew up in Milpitas, California playing futsal as a goalkeeper. 

"Being a futsal goalkeeper opens a lot of doors to other teams inviting you to paly for them. I was able to experience different styles of play, different environments, but most importantly see the good and the bad from different clubs," said Victor.

When he moved to San Diego in 2021, he searched for high-level men's futsal without success. With the gap in the market and a desire to continue growing the sport, San Diego Voyagers was formed with the goal of bringing high level, high intensity futsal to San Diego's youth and adult players. 

Team news

San Diego Voyagers have a good mix of players with both international and local experience and backgrounds. There are many players that are new to futsal but that fit well with the club playing style and ethos. More than half of the team returns from their American Futsal League (AFL) experience, and that history and chemistry will be crucial during the 2023 season.

On the coaching staff, Daniel Berdejo-de-Fresno is the coaching director and the "key to success" at SDVF. Daniel is currently an assistant coach at the Saudi Arabia National Futsal Team and has been able to bring international tactics, training methodologies, and work ethic to the local San Diego futsal club. 

"We are most excited to be able to compete at a high level and continue to improve game after game. My expectations for our team is to finish in one of the top two spots of the NFPL, take advantage of our home field advantage, and gain as many points as possible on away games."
 - Victor Miramontes, Team Owner


All four of the teams in the NFPL Southwest are familiar foes. However, perhaps there is no closer rivalry than that between Brusa FC and San Diego Voyagers.

The two clubs teamed up in last year's US Futsal National Futsal Tournament and enjoyed the partnership, but they will be lining up against one another in the NFPL this season. However, the friendships and close knowledge of each team's and players' styles and tendencies will certainly create a spicy matchup.

With so little to work with in previous high level matches, we believe the NFPL Southwest division is completely wide open. With four teams competing for the top two spots, every game has massive implications in the final standings. We're not sure what's going to happen, but we're excited for it either way. 

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