NFPL's Drew Ducker featured on Keith Tozer's 'World of Futsal' Podcast

by Admin NFPL

Today, Chairman of the National Premier Futsal League, Drew "Ducks" Ducker, was a guest on the popular Futsal podcast "World of Futsal," hosted by former US Futsal Men's National Team Coach, Keith Tozer. 

Ducks spoke about his background in Futsal, in which he spent time under Coach Tozer as a player with the USFMNT, and then spoke extensively about the current and future status of the NFPL.

"It was an honor to be a guest on the World of Futsal podcast, especially since the guests are some of the biggest names in Futsal in the world. Keith has paved the way for Futsal here in the United States and we want to help him continue to bring Futsal to the next level. We hope the NFPL can connect all levels of Futsal here in the US and provide a pathway for younger players to develop. It's amazing to see the growth of the game here and it was a pleasure playing for Keith on the US Futsal National Team. Thank you Keith for the opportunity to discuss the NFPL to such a large audience," said Ducker. 

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