NFPL Opening Weekend: Tryzub at MitWest

by Admin

This Saturday FC Tryzub will travel from Chicago to Detroit to take on MitWest Futsal Club as a part of the NFPL opening weekend! Last year these teams faced off twice against each other. In both contests, FC Tryzub beat out Mtwest. Tryzub has been on a role lately with a semi-final appearance in last year's NFPL inaugural season, and a summer World Championships Cup victory in Florida.

These teams met just one week ago in a pre-season tune up tournament in Ann Arbor's Chocolate Milk Futsal Cup. Tryzub beat out Mitwest by a score of 10-7. Now a week later they will face off again in the National Futsal Premier League regular season! 3 Days until we find out what "tone" both teams will be setting for their NFPL Championship run.