NFPL Mid Atlantic exhibition showcase


The NFPL is excited to announce the NFPL Mid Atlantic exhibition showcase that will take place April 16 at In10sity Futsal Center. Hosted by In10sity Futsal, it will also include Barcelona Maryland USA, New York Ecuador and Só Tapa Futsal of New Jersey in this one-day event. 


Don't forget to check out the live stream on the NFPL YouTube channel!


  • Where: IN10SITY Futsal Center: 8440 Fairground Rd, La Plata, MD 20646 
  • When: April 16, 2022

NFPL Commissioner Drew Ducker commented: "We are excited to host an NFPL event alongside In10sity Futsal. This is a great opportunity for us to co-host an event and continue to grow high level futsal through the NFPL. The Mid Atlantic and East Coast are rich with quality Futsal teams and we hope to add a conference in this area next year. It's an exciting time for Futsal and the NFPL." 

We're certainly looking forward to seeing what the Mid Atlantic has to offer and this exhibition should give NFPL and futsal fans a sneak peek at what's to come. 

Game Schedule

  • 10am — In10sity Futsal vs Barcelona USA Maryland 
  • 12pm — NY Ecuador vs So Tapa Futsal
  • 1:45pm — NY Ecuador vs Barcelona USA Maryland
  • 3:15pm — In10sity Futsal vs So Tapa Futsal 
  • 5pm — Barcelona USA Maryland vs So Tapa Futsal
  • 7pm — In10sity Futsal vs NY Ecuador

Meet The Teams:

In10Sity Futsal

NY Ecuador FC

Barcelona Maryland USA

Só Tapa Futsal