NFPL Announces Southwest Division

by Matt Aldrich

Nfpl Announces Southwest Division

The National Futsal Premier League is pleased to announce the launch of the NFPL Southwest Division, featuring four futsal clubs from the southwestern United States that will be playing in the men's division.

Due to these teams joining the league at a later date, they will have a shortened season in which the winner will be crowned the champion of their division. They will not be eligible for league playoffs until the 2023/24 NFPL season.

NFPL Commissioner Drew Ducker had this to say about the launch of the NFPL Southwest Division:

"We could not be more excited to add the Southwest division. This puts us on the map at a National level and is the next step to growing the league and game of Futsal in the US. All four teams have been around the game the last few years and I believe will attract more teams in the future. We are looking forward to having them kick off in January."

Please join us in welcome the four new clubs to the National Futsal Premier League!

NM Flagship FC

Established in 2016, NM Flagship FC hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. With a styled that is grounded in South American style futsal, NM Flagship FC look will look to make an immediate impact on the NFPL at large.

Colorado Futsal Academy

Colorado Futsal Academy are the first and only futsal academy in the state. Operated by Odías and Claudia Valenzuela the academy, which was established in 2010, is based in Aurora. With the academy the duo is looking to better the technical and athletic skills of those within their community through fun, safe and competitive play. Futsal is a passion and they can’t wait to share it with their community and the NFPL.

The pair also operate and manage the Colorado Futsal League which includes offerings for youth levels through adult. Find more about the CFL here.

"We are currently the only academy in Colorado playing highly competitive futsal," commented Claudia Valenzuela. "We are looking forward to growing the game with the NFPL.”

Brusa FC

Brusa FC, formally Phoenix Brazas FC, is one of the best futsal clubs in the US, with their roots deeply ingrained in the Brazilian methodology. Hence the name Brusa, after "BR" (Brazil) & "USA" (United States. It is Brusa FC's mission to develop real futsal players, provide opportunities for local players to play home and abroad, and grow the sport of futsal in the US.

San Diego Voyagers

Voyagers Futsal Club was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of expanding the love for the sport of Futsal. They're bringing futsal to the local communities in and around San Diego County at the youth and adult levels. As a club, they want to do their part to teach it the right way for future generations to enjoy.