NFPL 2023/24 Season Preview: Southwest




As the 2023/24 National Futsal Premier League season kickoff approaches, we'll take a minute to dig into each team in the two conferences to go over their expectations, rivalries, and players to watch. 

Brusa FC

Winners of the inaugural Southwest Conference last season, Brusa FC returns to the NFPL courts with the singular goal of making it to the finals. The expectation within the organization is to win their conference with a solid returning cast and exciting new additions. 

The reigning champions bring fixo Micah Vasey back, leadership and experience in the form of Kaue Martins, and inevitable goalscoring with Christian Lima, among others. They'll be missing the playmaking of Jonnathan Segura, but having brought in 3 new international signings, they'll be hyped to take the court this season.

Owner and head coach Kaue Martins told the NFPL, "we're looking forward to growing as a club and representing the league with the highest standards possible to set the bar for the other clubs. We're looking forward to playoffs against teams from the Midwest Conference and hope to win the cup this season."

Colorado Futsal Academy

A tough start to last season for Colorado Futsal Academy doesn't mean they'll be overlooked this year. They finished with several competitive games against the league's best, proving that they belong and they'll be looking forward to a competitive season once more. 

Colorado Futsal Academy will be missing Jesus Garcia from last year, but they have a few returning players and an exciting crop of younger academy players who will be expected to make a big leap forward in a tough conference.

Owner and coach Odias Valenzuela says that their expectations are to make it to the finals, but they are most looking forward to their home games and building on the connection with their local fans. 

New Mexico Flagship FC

Runners-up last season, New Mexico Flagship FC will undoubtedly have their targets set on progressing through the Southwest Conference. After a feisty championship game last season, they'll have marked their calendars for their home-and-home matchups against Brusa FC. 

The Flagship return a number of key players, including captain Isai Rivas, pivo Julian Bustamante, and ala/fixo Pedro Torres

Always competitive and demonstrating some great goals last season, we're excited to see what the Flagship can do against a rejuvenated Southwest conference this season. 

Santa Fe Gloom

Santa Fe Gloom are the newcomers to the league, and true newcomers to the court. In the club's first season as an organization, they're joining a highly competitive, experienced Southwest conference. 

However, they'll have the experience of Jesus Garcia (played at Colorado Futsal Academy for several years) to rely on as he returns to his hometown to pull on the Gloom kit. Additional experienced players like Nick Cashmere (San Jose State, the San Jose Earthquakes, and the Tacoma Stars) help make up the rest of the Santa Fe roster. 

Team owner David Fresquez said "we're most looking forward to bringing the first ever futsal team to our city. We are hopeful that soccer will once again bring our community together, offering entertainment and competition to our city." 

The first game for the Santa Fe Gloom is on December 16th at home against Colorado Futsal Academy, but the first New Mexico derby against NM Flagship FC is on Saturday, January 6th

The 2023/24 Season STARTS THIS WEEKEND...

Grand Rapids OLé host newcomers Detroit Imperial Futsal in an early season matchup in Grand Rapids. Kickoff is 5:00PM EST on Sunday, December 3rd at MSA Sports Spot

Stay tuned for more information leading up to the NFPL 2023/24 kickoff!


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