New Mexico Flagship FC - 2022/23 Season Preview



The National Futsal Premier League is excited to welcome New Mexico Flagship FC to the Southwest Conference for their debut season! 


Established in 2016, NM Flagship FC hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. NM Flagship FC are very community-oriented and only have local players, which allows them to cultivate a style that is heavily influenced by South American and Central American methodologies, techniques, and tactics. 

Team owner Pablo Salto "has soccer in his blood," and has been playing anywhere and everywhere since he was a young boy, regardless of whether it was indoor, outdoor, on a futsal court, or anywhere with a ball. This mentality and obsession with the ball has translated to his players and his club.

Our goal is to win, no matter what. We're a competitive team, and whatever we're playing, we're going to try to win it.
 -Pablo Salto, Owner

Team News

NM Flagship FC played in the American Futsal League (AFL) over the past few years and have made runs to the championship game before falling at the last hurdle to regional competition. 

NMFS will retain a number of players from their 2022 AFL season, including goalkeeper Jorge Morales, pivo Julian Bustamente, and ala and team captain Isaí Rivas. 


The Southwest Division will bring regional teams together, and some of them have experience competing against one another while others are entirely new. This makes the landscape difficult to predict. However, with NMFC's history in competing at the highest level in AFL, we expect them to hold their own and bring the level of the NFPL higher.

Team owner Pablo Salto says that he has "high hopes of the league growing in the future" and that he is most excited "to play against teams from other divisions and test ourselves."

Well Pablo, we're excited for the same thing. The 23/24 season will include a playoff setting that includes the best teams from each conference and division. Until then, NFPL fans will be able to watch the Southwest Division games and wonder how they'll fare against teams from the Midwest.

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