Brusa FC - 2022/23 Season Preview



The National Futsal Premier League is delighted to welcome Brusa Futsal Club to the Southwest Conference for their debut season. 

About The Club

Brusa FC, formerly Phoenix Brazas FC, is a professional futsal in the US located in Mesa, Arizona. With roots deeply ingrained in Brazilian methodology and Spanish influencer, Brusa has a pro futsal team and a B-team, along with youth and adult leagues and international programs.

Brusa FC's mission is to develop futsal players and provide opportunities for local and international players to play either at home or abroad, growing the sport of futsal in the US and globally. 


Brusa FC join the NFPL as one of the strongest teams in the region. Their list of prior accomplishments is lengthy, with  the most recent championships from the American Futsal League (AFL) in 2020 and 2021. In 2019 they were the winners of the World Cup Qualifiers and in 2018 they were the Southwest Regional Champions and runners-up in the US Futsal National Championship. 

Team owner and director Kaue Martins had this to say about his team for the upcoming season:

We have a strong team that has been held up for a number of years by older players and international players and coaches from around the world. This season we are bringing in some younger players as some of our older players phase out, as well as a new head coach. Nonetheless we are hoping to win the division or at least get to the final.

Martins is looking forward to competing on the court in the NFPL this season and against other teams from other conferences and regions in the future.

At the NFPL, we couldn't agree more and we're excited to see how some of the best teams from the Midwest fare against those in the Southwest. 


Brusa FC have a history of winning against local and regional competition, including some of the other teams in the NFPL Southwest Division. However, with the roster changes to their own team and the additions from other teams in the division, the Southwest Division looks like an open playing field with opportunity for every team to make the final. 



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