Akron Argentine players chat Futsal and their experience with "Ole.com"

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Luciano González, one of the three Argentines who plays in the NFPL in the United States, is quarantined with his colleagues Franco Grillo and Juan Pablo Emma. From Ohio and a day after his 20th birthday, he spoke with “A Dos Toques” to tell about the worrying situation with the expansion of COVID-19 throughout the US.

The Coronavirus advances without mercy in the United States (more than 30,000 infected and 271 dead). The National Futsal Premier League (NFPL) had to be interrupted during its second season and the three Argentine players are quarantined in an apartment at Goodyear Hall in Akron, Ohio, where they live with the team's head coach, the American, Otto Orf.

Luciano González, Franco Grillo and Juan Pablo Emma, all former San Lorenzo players, had arrived in Ohio, one of the 50 American states, last December to join the Akron Vulcans, one of the three debuting clubs this season in the NFPL. They played 9 games with a record of 7 wins and 2 losses.

How is the situation currently there?

“Currently the country in general has many cases of COVID-19 and above all states like New York, Chicago and Miami are the most affected. We are in Ohio, which, although it had several cases, is not assimilated to the others. As of last Monday, the city closed the entrances and people can only go shopping at supermarkets and go to hospitals if necessary.”

How are you guys doing quarantined together?

“The truth is that we are well and very united, playing games, doing physical exercises, watching the odd series or movie and always trying to get a smile in this complicated situation.”

Do you watch a series together or each one in yours?

“Together! We are watching All American.”

Since you are living with the team’s coach, what did he say and what was the club's message?

“Yes, we live together. The most difficult thing for us was knowing that the league was suspended, more than anything being in a great moment. But logically we understood the reasons and for the moment we are perfectly attended to, waiting to see if the situation improves or worsens.”

Many Argentines are returning to the country. What plan do you have?

“We have a return ticket for mid-May, but at the moment and with the suspension and everything that is going on regarding the virus, we are waiting to be able to return. The reality is that we and our family are aware of the difficulties of traveling at the moment, but as I say, we are still waiting to see if it changes and without despair.”

How was the experience of playing in the NFPL?

“A beautiful experience in which we managed to form a good group and obtain many positive results. I also emphasize the genius of how people enjoyed our games, both the smallest and the largest. Sincerely, I repeat again, it was a beautiful experience.”

Now is the intent to have chances in San Lorenzo?

“Without a doubt, already focused on San Lorenzo and wanting to continue training and learning about this beautiful sport that I have been practicing at the club for so many years.”