Matchweek 18 Preview

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All 8 teams are in action as we close out the 2023/24 regular season! The table is incredibly tight in both divisions and we'll have a photo finish, with just two playoff spots up for grabs from each division.

Futsal Factory Academy (H) VS. Detroit Imperial Futsal (A)

We start the night with probably the biggest match of the week! 

Detroit Imperial Futsal's massive victory at home over Grand Rapids OLé in Matchweek 17 means that this game determines who goes to playoffs - which have essentially started a week early in Michigan as we'll have a serious "win or go home" scenario! 

The two teams are separated by just 2 points - a win or tie for Futsal Factory Academy and they'll go to the playoffs. If Detroit Imperial win on the road, they'll go to the playoffs at the expense of Futsal Factory Academy.

Futsal Factory Academy won at Detroit Imperial in Matchweek 16, a huge win for their season that put them into the playoff conversation. They've won 5 straight and are the league's most in-form team at the moment. However, Detroit were without a few of their key players due to suspension, and now they've returned we'll have an absolutely cracking match on Saturday in Michigan. 

The stage is set! 


Detroit Imperial Futsal:

Futsal Factory Academy:


Cadence SFC (H) VS. Grand Rapids OLé (A)

Although we've got one of the league's best teams going up against one of the league's worst, the match still has stakes. Cadence SFC, still hunting for their first win of the season, will host first-placed Grand Rapids OLé on Saturday, with OLé having already secured a playoff spot - but as 1st or 2nd place? That remains to be determined. 

The two teams are separated by an unassailable 17 points, so this game may not have the fireworks that the other match in the Midwest promises. Nonetheless, Cadence SFC's best performance of the season was probably when they hosted Grand Rapids in Matchweek 13. It took an incredible 7-goal haul from Gabe Villagomez for the visitors to secure the 3 points on the day. 

Although improbable, if OLé loses and Futsal Factory Academy wins, Grand Rapids will slip into second place in the division. The resulting playoff game would then be played at Futsal Factory Academy's court. If Detroit gets the win, then Grand Rapids remain in first place regardless of the result of their game. 

With both teams looking to bounce back from disappointing performances, they'll mostly be playing for pride. Let's see what happens.  


Cadence SFC:

Grand Rapids OLé:


Santa Fe Gloom (H) VS. BRUSA Futsal Club (A)

Moving over to the Southwest, we've got another competitive division where the second-placed playoff spot and the chasers are separated by just 3 points! It would take a monumental performance to overcome the goal differential, but it's not impossible and we've seen some high-scoring games this season. 

Santa Fe Gloom are in second place with 12 points, while BRUSA FC sits in fourth place with 9 points. They would need Colorado to take care of business in the later game and to win by more than 6 goals on the road to jump into second place. 

Difficult, but not impossible. Can BRUSA rise to the challenge? We'll see on Saturday night!


Santa Fe Gloom:



new Mexico Flagship FC (H) VS. Colorado Futsal Academy (A)

The final match of the season will feature New Mexico Flagship FC hosting Colorado Futsal Academy in a first-versus-third matchup. 

It's an incredibly steep mountain to climb for New Mexico Flagship - they'll have to overcome a -9 goal differential and hope BRUSA FC stomp Santa Fe Gloom in their own gym to even enter the playoff conversation. It gets tougher when you remember that the last time these teams met was in New Mexico and Colorado Futsal Academy came away from that game with all 3 points, having won quite comfortably by a score of 9-3. 

Nonetheless, New Mexico Flagship FC find themselves in a similar situation as BRUSA: difficult, but not impossible. Can they sneak their way into the playoffs? Let's find out in Matchweek 18!


New Mexico Flagship FC:

Colorado Futsal Academy:



It'll be a busy evening, with plenty to play for on every court! We'll have 4 kickoffs in a 4-hour period, with each kickoff happening on the hour. 

  • 7 PM EST - Futsal Factory Academy vs. Detroit Imperial Futsal
  • 8 PM EST - Cadence SFC vs. Grand Rapids OLé
  • 9 PM EST - Santa Fe Gloom vs. BRUSA Futsal Club
  • 10 PM EST - New Mexico Flagship FC vs. Colorado Futsal Academy

Playoffs are approaching! Read more about this year's format at NFPL News.


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