Matchweek 1 Preview


The 2023/24 NFPL season is upon us! We start out with a bang as division favorites Grand Rapids OLé take on newcomers Detroit Imperial Futsal

Grand Rapids OLé (H) VS. Detroit Imperial Futsal (A)

An in-state rivalry will be formed in the first week of the season as Detroit Imperial Futsal travel west just 2.5 hours across the state to take on Grand Rapids OLé.

Despite it being just the first game in a long season, there's a lot on the line. Both teams will be looking to start the season on the front foot. 

For Detroit Imperial Futsal, they'll be missing key, experienced players Davide Di Poce and Costa Wells for the trip. Despite that, a positive performance on the road against OLé would be a massive confidence boost, regardless of how many points they return home with.

For Grand Rapids, it's an opportunity to start the season in front of their home fans with a win. No doubt they'll be looking forward to a return to the court and the chance to welcome Detroit Imperial to the National Futsal Premier League.

It's also certain that the other members of the conference, Futsal Factory Academy and Cadence SFC, will both be watching on with interest to see how the newest addition to the conference fares against one of the top teams in the country.

It will all be decided on Sunday, December 3rd! 


Grand Rapids OLé:

Detroit Imperial Futsal:

  • Christian Sipley
  • Omar Lahbiki
  • Jeffrey Drzyzga



Open road ahead! A season of opportunity, anguish, joy, competition, goals, saves, and futsal await. 


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