Championship Preview: Grand Rapids OLé vs. Colorado Futsal Academy

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Grand Rapids OLé (H) VS. Colorado Futsal Academy (A)

It's only fitting that the two regular season division winners face off after intensely contested semifinal playoff matches for each team.

The 2023/24 NFPL Championship will feature a historic, first-time meeting between Midwest and Southwest teams in the NFPL. 

Grand Rapids OLé have led the Midwest all season long, losing on the road on two occasions.  Colorado Futsal Academy opened their season with a loss, but followed that up by winning 6 of their next 8 to clinch a spot in the playoffs. 

In the playoffs, each team had their goalkeepers to thank for getting them over the line. Colorado won in penalties over Santa Fe Gloom, with Jean Caro making the decisive final save, while Andres Montes put in an outstanding performance to repeatedly deny Futsal Factory Academy from bringing the scores level. 

As far as stats go, both teams have their advantages. Grand Rapids OLé leads the league in goals score with 70 over 9 games, averaging nearly 8 goals per game. Their defense has allowed 49 goals against (5.44 average), while Colorado's defense is the best in the league, allowing in just 33 goals in 8 games (4.13 average). On the other hand, Colorado's offense may have some question marks, scoring only 48 which was the second-most in the Southwest by a significant margin. 

Keys to victory for both teams will be capitalizing on transitions and set pieces. Both teams have displayed great creativity and efficiency in these areas this season, with set pieces in particular being a point of emphasis in training. Both teams will have their hands full defending some of the league's top players, listed below.


Grand Rapids OLé:

Colorado Futsal Academy:


Just one game remaining in the 2023/24 NFPL season, and this one is for all the trophy! Make sure to tune into the livestream on Saturday, April 27th to find out who will lift the trophy. 


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