2022/23 NFPL Playoff Format


2022/23 NFPL Playoffs

With the NFPL playoffs rapidly approaching, here is a breakdown regarding the format, structure, and seeding this year.


The men's playoffs will include the top two teams from each conference (Great Lakes and Midwest). It's important to note that only conference records indicate the first and second place in each conference, and those teams advance to the playoffs. Non-conference, or "cross-conference" matches and results have no effect on seeding for playoffs. 

The highest-seeded team will host the second-placed team. The tie-breakers are ranked as follows:

  • Head-to-head
  • Goal differential
  • Goals against
  • Goals for
  • Overall standings (conference and non-conference)

The championship game will feature the winner of each semifinal matchup, with the team with the overall best record hosting.

The women's division will host a separate championship match, with #1 playing #2.

Playoff Dates

  • Midwest and Great Lakes Conference finals will take place on April 15th. The NFPL Championship match will take place on April 22nd.
  • The Women's Division will play their championship match on March 18th.

Current In-Conference Standings

The standings for the Midwest and Great Lakes conferences without non-conference matchups current as follows:

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