2022/23 All-NFPL Women's Second Team

by Matt Aldrich

2022/23 ALL-NFPL WOMEN'S Second TEAM

An incredible group of futsal players made the All-NFPL Women's Second Team.

Goalkeeper: Mia Quintana

Mia Quintana held it down for Grand Rapids OLé in their campaign that ended as NFPL Champions of the inaugural Women's Division. Scoring once and assisting once, Quintana won Player of the Week and maintained the league's best defense, letting in just 17 goals all season.  

Pivo: Chloe Ricketts

In the games she appeared in, Chloe Ricketts overran all opponents. Despite missing the final half of the season for Futsal Factory, Ricketts still finished the season third in the league in total points with 12, second in the league at total goals with 8, and fourth in the league at total assists with 4. A short, but exemplary season for Ricketts and Futsal Factory surely missed her presence on the court in the Championship game. 

Ala: Niomi Grimaldo

Just ahead of Ricketts and just behind her sister Nicole, Niomi Grimaldo balled out in every category for Futsal Factory this season. She finished the regular season with 14 points, tied for first with her sister Nicole, fifth in goals with 7, and second in assists with 7. 

Ala: Erin Boulanger

Erin Boulanger enjoyed a fantastic season for Columbus Futsal, leading the way for the team in a number of categories. She averaged 1.7 points per game and her 8 goals led the team by a wide margin. She added 2 assists to her points tally and won Player of the Week.

Fixo: Janaina Novaes Miknus

In a challenging season, Janaina Novaes Miknus was a bright spot for Futsal Indy, mentoring and leading a group of young players in their inaugural Women's Division. She finished the campaign with 5 goals and 1 assist.

6th: Brooklynn Harding

Brooklynn Harding led the league's second-best regular season defense as Futsal Factory allowed just 22 goals over 6 games. Harding ended the campaign with an unfortunate red card in the Championship game, adding fuel to the fire that they'll be in the same place at the same time next season with revenge on their mind. Despite the unhappy ending, Harding can be proud of her Player of the Week award and a great season in goal. 

Manager: Maroun El Khoury

Leading Futsal Factory to a league-best regular season record of 5-1-0 with a goal difference of +39 was Maroun El Khoury. El Khoury is another whose presence Futsal Factory sorely missed in the NFPL Championship game as they fell just short of the ultimate goal this season. 


Congratulations to the All-NFPL Women's Second Team! Follow along and stay tuned here and on the National Futsal Premier League social platforms for coverage, previews, highlights, and more.